About Us

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Located at 102 E Oklahoma Ave in Guthrie OK, Tier 3 Survival Systems provides survival, emergency, and disaster preparedness supplies. The number one goal of this business is saving lives. The second goal of our business is to make emergency supplies affordable for everyone in an easy to order setting. We have selected products that are complete, safe, and reliable. We sell emergency survival kits, supplies, knives, books, and preparedness essentials. Find the right supplies for any situation.

The 3 tier systems are based on Ron Alne’s* approach to survival in high pressure conditions that are demanding and unforgiving. Our approach is developed around this 3 Tier approach and provides a comprehensive system to survival in hostile environments.

 By using a straight forward and systematic methodology, we have provided you the best tools you will need when confronted with the extreme.

Please visit our web site, ( http://tier3survival.com), and check out our Survival Tips!

Please remember that the best survival skill is to not get into a bad situation in the first place. These systems have very little value if you go unprepared for the conditions you are about to be exposed to.

*Mr. Alne served for 27 years with the Air Force’s elite Para rescue units. He retired as a Chief Master Sergeant in 2005 and moved to Butte, Montana.  He is a combat veteran of the first Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  He has extensive experience operating with and training military Special Operations units.  As the Director of Operations for a 150-man elite Special Tactics Squadron, he planned and executed several sensitive Joint Chief of Staff missions.  He also served as the Para rescueman Functional Manager for the Air Force Education Command.  He oversaw all training and helped develop much of the curriculum.  He has 15 years of instructor experience specializing in emergency medicine, wilderness survival, mountaineering, rope rescue systems, navigation, and skydiving.   He is also a Wilderness First Aid instructor and Level II Avalanche/Rescue qualified.